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Apr. 5th, 2005

12:20 pm

[ Music: Scatterbrain-Radiohead ]
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Apr. 3rd, 2005

01:06 pm

[ Music: Raped sexually - Stacey Keiblers voice (porno..peter north sex xxx- stacey keibler, backstage brawls) ]
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[ Music: Feel good inc. - Gorillaz ]
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12:53 pm

[ Music: Opening theme - Naruto ]
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04/03/05 - aired...............japan has just released a few episodes on digimon season 5 and now are underway to send it to the states and see if they can handle the project. Also said it will be dubbed in english for the first time and it will ba an american series because of disney buying the project from toei and bandai a few years ago.

03/27/05 - season 5...............japan has said that season five and sx might be a sequal to a previous season. Not knowing that season 3 and two left without finishing the story because there wasnt enough room to tell the rest. Its probobly going to be a sequal to season 02 with rumors from everywhere. And probobly based on the new movie Digimon x-evolution that airs on July 26 2005 in theatres and now available all over the web for dowloading.

Apr. 2nd, 2005

10:27 pm

[ Music: Feel good inc. - Gorillaz ]
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Digimon X-evolution Movie: The newest digimon featurette by bandai and toei animation is now available to watch in japan but not here so thats the sad part digimon fans but sooner or later i will link you to it so you can all enjoy a desent download. The movie is 100 percent 3d like the digivolutions in digimon season 3 and also had new threads for counter moves that look real enough to make this digimon movie the rea; life movie for all digimon movies. Now working on the projects of all episodes is toei animation might to be an american series release if japan sells them the sagas. On the works is season 5 and 6 based on a sequal to season 2 or 3 they say. The direct link now available for the Digimon X-evolution movie trailer is here:


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[040205s][Music: Feel good inc-Gorillaz] ~ http://uploadhut.com/view.php/55124.mp3

[040205s][Music: Dirty harris-Gorillaz] ~ http://www.usounds.com/mp3/Dirty%20Harry.mp3
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12:14 am

[Music: Feel good inc.-Gorillaz]

bruce lee versus vegeta
today, bruce lee pulled off a huge upset to the heaviest land animal on earth with a 6-0 defeat via dragon kick to the eye. with one of most revered animals with no natural enemies besides humans, bruce lee proved once again that jeet kune do prevails; ask kareem abdul-jabbar and now babar. however, bruce takes on the imperfect vegeta today. now, they he may seem small and in need of a real face, but he proved everybody wrong by surviving the wilderness and then the city to find this warrior as a desent. will he outnumber bruce or will he prove, time after time that power is better than quality, you decide.

tale of the tape
bruce: 5'7, 130lbs, enemies: other chinese martial artists
vegeta: 5'0, 134lbs, enemies: gokhu, humans, villians

bruce: 0001
vegeta: 0002

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Apr. 1st, 2005

02:44 pm


bruce lee versus the t-rex      last week, bruce lee pulled off a huge upset to the heaviest land animal on earth with a 5-0 defeat via dragon kick to the eye. with one of most revered animals with no natural enemies besides humans, bruce lee proved once again that jeet kune do prevails; ask kareem abdul-jabbar and now babar. however, bruce takes on the gang from the hit movie "jurassic park" this week. now, he may seem big and in need of teeth, but he proved everybody wrong by surviving the wilderness and arriving to the big city. will he outnumber bruce or will he prove, time after time that speed and technique is always better than size, you decide.

tale of the tape
bruce: 5'7, 130lbs, enemies: other chinese martial artists
t-rex: 32'6, 7 tons, enemies: humans, and other dinosaurs

[Music: Idioteque-Radiohead ~ Kid A]

The next bruce lee versus a tale of a tape will be on superman the legendary super hero that all have been waiting to see and then comes the newer legendary super heroes from marvel but lets wait and see who will come victor  in this outrageous t-rex monsterclash versus bruce the man the myth.



Mar. 23rd, 2005

03:15 pm

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Radiohead Begin Work on Their Seventh LP

Ryan Schreiber reports:
After two years away from the studio, Radiohead have begun working on new music again, planting the seeds of what will likely become the follow-up to 2003's Hail to the Thief. A cryptic message from frontman Thom Yorke, posted earlier this month to the band's official webboard, suggested that this may be the case, however vaguely, reading, "hey weve started work. (speaking of cookies) no really." Now there's confirmation from guitarist Jonny Greenwood to back up the gibberish.

"Everything starts with songs, and with Thom, and with the excitement you can get in the band when you hear new music, and you know you've got the chance to watch it mutate and change," Greenwood told NME. "There's nothing like that, nothing as exciting. We're rehearsing at the moment, and again it's fun. We all want to push forward, and when you have five people who are all like that, you couldn't ask for a better thing."

In related news, Yorke and Greenwood will be appearing live in London next Monday and Tuesday at the London Royal Festival Hall, as part of The London Sinfonietta, to premiere new material they've apparently written specifically for this event. Fans should prepare to witness "two evenings of experimentation, collaboration and cross-genre juxtaposition," according to the performances' spokespersons. A selection of classical works and Arabic traditionals will also be played.

* Pitchfork Review: Radiohead: Hail to the Thief
* Radiohead: http://www.radiohead.com


03:06 pm

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WEEZER ~ Make Believe coming to

stores near you on may 10th, 2005 for $23.95, with there fifth

album  being the last that they will release in a very long time,

but then again they brought back the vocals after a year so lets see if

they will still have him there. They also hit Toronto Ont , which this

time is true and the bottom was all wrong so deisregard the bottom.

They arrive on may 6th at the docks and koolhaus and tickets go on sale

on march 30th, 2005.

Mar. 22nd, 2005

03:20 pm

[ Mar.22.2005 ] ~ well this here is the one and only comic sans opening for new japanese animation employess and now available from me of course because i can get you it for cheap prices. Then comes the new song opening theme for naruto. Naruto is the newest jap cartoon so be sure too watch it.
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[ Music: Naruto-Opening theme ]

Mar. 19th, 2005

01:19 pm

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Mar. 18th, 2005

08:59 pm

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The new songs from KRUSTFX are here Keep on checking back for the brand brand new krustfx stuff the new cd is due soon (june.2003ish), so check back for cool samples....

>>listen to krustfx - me and my boyfriend - [ click for the mp3 ][M]

>>listen to krustfx - wanksta on "da" run - [ click for the mp3 ]

>>listen to krustfx - eminem is a powerpuff girl - [ click for the mp3 ]

>>listen to krustfx - jerkofflaneagain - [ click for the mp3 ]

>>listen to krustfx - my dick3 - [ click for the mp3 ]

>>listen to krustfx - dicksequeal - [ click for the mp3 ]

>>listen to krustfx - mongolian hospitals - [ click for the mp3 ]

>>listen to krustfx - bang da dogs - [ click for the mp3 ]

>>listen to krustfx - my dick - [ click for the mp3 ]

>>listen to krustfx - shavin aint a thang - [ click for the mp3 ]

>>listen to krustfx - fockshow - [ click for the mp3 ]

08:56 pm

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- [dec.17.2004] -We(a4t) died in a space shuttle explosion...they haven't found our bodies but go to our funeral where our bodies are being buried. Call to make reservations before it's to late.

- [jul.17.2004] -See the A4T movie at selected theatres...seriously go watch it..

- [dec.17.2003] -....the longly anticipated update of the a4t site, put out by knee gah is out. porn stars signed our guestbook

- [aug.17.2003] -qwerty hears ur prayers and now they are answered.... an a4t update..... yep..... mmhmm.......... shut up and listen mon

- [jun.28.2003] -the longly anticipated comic series, put out by cinnamon boy is finally out. Unfortunately he's being a stingey bastard and will not give us episode 1, so for your first look at the ultimate super hero go to the "fun stuff" page.

- [jun.23.2003] -the sun, unlike the hydro, provides the earth and everyone on it with energy.

- [may.22.2003] -yes, new camera is on the way. Thank you to Samsung for helping us poor folk out... and as a promotional thingy for thier free camer... "buy only Samsung products... or we'll eat your children, and thats a promise.... niqqqka". Also, we will be shooting another full length soon called "a4t diary" a knockoff of the MTV crap, but well be sure to make it very, very, very good.

- [may.04.2003] -well well well... "why havent you made any new videos?"...we broke our camera and mai is an asshole who wont let us use his..."why havent you updated your site?"...our user name and password are so long that i'm to lazy to log in...aswell i didnt feel like changing the date...so i waited a month so i had to do as little as possible..."i signed up for a newsletter but i havent gotten anything"...thank you for signing up...and just wait...u know???...."whats gonna be in the newsletter?" ...exclusive videos/pictures....once we fix our cameras...and go to our guestbook section and do whatever...like use that "tag" thingy

- [apr.04.2003] -theres this thing right above this message, and you enter your email and you can get a4t news and other updates!...Also...there is a new feature to this site...you can go to contact and u can find that beside our name will show our online status!

- [mar.31.2003] -krustfx's new cd -"gods nephews" is due out soon, a down payment plan is now available.... email us for more info... peas.

- [mar.29.2003] -new photos up in the photo section.... episode 1 is half done.... woo hoo?

- [mar.25.2003] -Keep voting, we only have 2 votes !!! other than that, everything is going great. Look forward to new stuff from krustfx, don't expect the same old stuff, this is HYYYPE new shit, produced with great underground rappers and other cool people in the industry.

- [mar.24.2003] -vote on your favorite video! dont close the popup... its a voting thing.

- [mar.11.2003] -a new conversation has been added to the interview section... its a freestyle battle between cinnamon boy and some dark mysterious freestyle artist... its ever so funny.

- [mar.10.2003] -the religion section is finally up, use the scroll bar to scroll your way into the wonderful world of qwertism. and wish us luck as both our cameras will be ready to start shootin some shit on monday.

- [mar.09.2003] -Well both good and bad news... we are sorta in with the network. Bad news is we need 3 whole episodes for them to review before we can get in... so the next 3 months are gonna be hectic. hope us luck, and watch out for new sections on the site.. peas.

- [mar.07.2003] -Well... we are supposed to go to the main offices of the network on saturday... wish us luck. No new videos yet because both our cameras are broken... but they will be repaired by monday... so, new videos soon !!! latah

- [mar.05.2003] -I know its been a while since i updated... but no new news, except that the comedy network let a message on our answering machine... shouldnt have been out at the sandbox at seven... f*ck!! well... they still said they would like to speak to us... so nothing bad

- [feb.24.2003] -Unfortunately they have not emailed us back. On the good side we are about to release a "religion" section after "dereyck hughes" emailed us from TeXas asking what "qwArtism" was. well first of all you morose mother fuck, its qwErtism, and second, check back soon for our new section.

- [feb.22.2003] -No new news yet, but keep posted.

- [feb.21.2003] -It's not official but our staff mailbox just recieved an email from the "comedy network". This is perhaps the biggest news we have ever gotten in a long time... or perhaps ever. However, It is not Official... the email simply said that they loved our movie and would like to talk to us... doesn't sound bad, not bad at all. I will keep you posted over the next couple of days. LATOR!

- [feb.20.2003] -Im here... no updates but the site is recieving some positive feedback. Along with us in "the circut" magazine, we have recieved a great offer from NOKIA... expect free phones in a contest soon!!! and well be updating the pictures soon ! tell your friends......

- [feb.18.2003] -The rest of the profiles were just sent to me from Australia, via ... get this... "E MAIL", and are up right now! so go check em out... all of them ! and the person who has the email sponge43@msn.com .... if you are reading this ... please stop emailing us... or else.

- [feb.16.2003] -The profiles, well 2 of them have been updated... i sat down with Cinnamon and Knee-gah today and interviwed em. Both Mai and Ry Ry are in Australia doing some sort of Mountain Bike thing, so I emailed them the questions... check back soon for their shit. Other than that be sure to keep on checking back on the "fun stuff" page as a new joke section will be up soon. latOR!

- [feb.15.2003] -plenty of shit has been going down in anything4tokyo recently and im here to tell it ALL. (1)we have recieved 3 offers from companies and websites who are interested in providing us free shit/money to promote their products... so basically, there will be some cool contests up soon(no promises... yet). (2)ANYTHING4TOKYO will be featured in "the circut/t.r.p." magazine shortly... so keep your eyes wide open... i'll provide you with more news later.... and thats it !

- [feb.10.2003] -We will be holding a "conference" soon to figure out a way to promote our movie quick quick..... its super funny... i swear. Other than that... everything is great.... be sure to check up on the site soon to see memorabellia and stuff from the show (krustFX).

- [feb.05.2003] -Our movie has been officialy banned from the "semi-normal" and we are pissssed off ! angey like a mall-fawker. But dear fanns dont be dissapointed the video will be available to all of you soon.... i dont know how, all i know is it will be !!! aight ? *props*

- [jan.30.2003] -THE urban dictionary (in the fun section) has been updated. Well, nothing much else interesting happening here..... just browse around the site and tell your friends... we need hits, so we can generate some mo money dawg.

- [jan.26.2003] -I said I'd be back more freuqently and I dont lie about stuff of that nature. Ummmm..... the biggest news so far this week, next to our movie being almost complete, both cinnamon boy and mai will be competing in "ASIAN IDOL", a brand new series on FOX. so we wish them both luck and hope they reach the stars, or "lo-dit", as they say in some asian cities. lator.

- [jan.25.2003] -Well my jamizee news readers... it has been over seven days since I last updated. It's not my fault I caught arthritus over the weekend and the damn doctors wouldn't give me my flu shot til a week later... damn commies. Anyways, the video (a4t the movie) is doing great and shiiiit... and thats about tit.... ill be back to keep you posted and shiiit, this time more frquently... (dont watch darkness falls, unless your autistic).

- [jan.16.2003] - New video clip is out!!! Go download it now, its from our full length movie which is currently being shot... its doing great, and you can now see why !!! go now... video !!! whoopers !!!

- [jan.13.2002] - Audio...KFX...download it...now...

- [jan.06.2002] - We are still awaiting an actor/actress that will work for absolutely free !!! come one, come all... please send us an email if you are interested. On a lighter/brighter note: KRUSTFX is in the hizzzzhouse with their new album recording. Dont forget to purchase your tickets to the SEMI-NORMAL @ BLOOR SKATE AND GRIND, FEB.5.2002 - 7:00pm... buy your tix from the same place latah !!!

- [jan.03.2003] - HOrrible news.... Lester Jamison quit in the middle of the shoot, because he realized he was not getting paid. Well... if anyone else out there is willing to shoot for NO PAY email us ... former applicants please re-apply. THanks.!! and big big big news! KRUSTFX is back, and is now recording their 2nd album... to be released soon... check the audio page in a couple of days for audio samples @!

- [jan.01.2003] - Happy New Year! An update on the movie: we have found an actor to play zero... his name is Lester Jamison. Come back to the site soon to see a preview clip from the film.... thanks to all those who tried to get the part... look in your mail for your free shirts!

- [dec.28.2002] - The movie is still going strong... one problem... we have the need for an actor/actress. Anyone in the Toronto area willing to audition for a spot in the full length send us whatever to our email (anything4tokyo@msn.com). Preferably send us a video clip of you saying "say your a gino and you aint dance nuttin'.... say your a gino vaselino and you need to stop frontin!!"... aight later.

- [dec.27.2002] - The movie shoot is going great... I think they actually may make the deadline. The site is finaly complete and running... so you know ... check it out brothhhhhhha !

- [dec.26.2002] - "ANYTHING4TOKYO: THE MOVIE"! IS CURRENTLY BEING SHOT [in Toronto] ...Well Ry-Ry, Knee-Gah, Cinnamon BOy and Mai are currently out on the streets of Toronto, Ontario filming their first full-length film. The deadline is Feb.5.2003 and the movie will premier at the THE BLOOR SKATE PARK @7:00pm tickets are on sale as we speak and you can get them by contacting any of the anything4tokyo members or staff. I know it may come as a shock, since most of you thought we were dead... but were not. The only reason the television show has been delayed is because 99.999999% of our efforts are going towards this great new full length movie. So, please make our efforts worth the time and buy a ticket now !!!!

- [dec.16.2002] - New ANYTHING4TOKYO stuff from
DC SHOE CO.! the 2003 line of anything4tokyo hoodies, long-sleeve and short sleeve tee-shirts are being sold now. Visit your local DC providor or better yet, since the print is limited go direct to the DC site. ALL the hoodies are like those of last year, but with more colors to choose from. The short sleeve tee-s feature the A4T/DC* logo on the front and our web site on the sleeve.... the long-sleeve are basically the same thing... except longer.

08:53 pm

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well i guess its safe to say that the king of elephants has sworn to take bruce lee on, in the event that bruce lee must retire if he loses, but bruce has kicked the shit out of the face of the elephant and the polls say that yes of course bruce has driven to the second round against the velociraptor.Google fight results bruce: 10, 100, 000 elephant: 4, 360, 000 on http://www.livejournal.com/users/notsogreen/.

08:30 pm

bruce lee versus the world

welcome to the 2nd annual bruce lee versus the world competition that involves the newest charcacter the velociraptor which probobly would claw him to death, but yet can bruce lee take the pain that he has learned and kick the shit out of the raptor because then again they said bruce lee's kick is like getting hit by a car. So we will see its up to toronto to decide who you think can win the fight and know if bruce lee advances to the next battle.

tale of the tape

bruce: 5'7, 130lbs, enemies: other martial artists, and the world

velociraptor: 7-8ft, 300-350lbs, enemies: other dinosaurs, humans if existed
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05:35 pm

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Birth name

John Christopher Depp II


"Mr. Stench" (self-chosen)
"Colonel" (given to him by Hunter S. Thompson)


5' 10" (1.78 m)

Mini biography

Born John Christopher Depp in Owensboro, Kentucky, on June 9, 1963. Raised in Florida, he dropped out of school at age 15 in hopes of becoming a rock musician. He fronted a series of garage bands, including The Kids, which once opened for Iggy Pop. Depp got into acting after a visit to LA with his former wife, who introduced him to actor Nicolas Cage. He made his film debut in A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984). In 1987, he shot to fame when he replaced Jeff Yagher in the role of undercover cop Tommy Hanson in the popular TV series "21 Jump Street" (1987).

In 1990, after numerous roles in teen films, his first of a few great collaborations with director Tim Burton came about when he portrayed the title role in Edward Scissorhands (1990). Following the film's success, Depp carved a niche for himself as a serious, somewhat dark, idiosyncratic performer, consistently selecting roles that surprise critics and audiences alike. He continued to gain critical acclaim and increasing popularity by appearing in many features before re-joining with Burton in the lead role of Ed Wood (1994). In 1997, he played the undercover FBI agent in the factually based film Donnie Brasco (1997), opposite Al Pacino; in 1998 he appeared in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) and then in 1999 he appeared in the sci-fi horror The Astronaut's Wife (1999). The same year, he teamed up again with Burton in Sleepy Hollow (1999), brilliantly portraying Ichabod Crane.

Depp has played many characters in his career including another factually based character, Inspector Fred Abberline in From Hell (2001). He stole the show from screen greats such as Antonio Banderas in the finale to Robert Rodriguez's Mariachi trilogy Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2003) in the same year as starring in the marvelous family blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003), playing a character that only the likes of Depp could pull off, Captain Jack Sparrow. Depp has been announced as joining up again with Tim Burton in a new screen adaptation of Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005).

Apart from his on-screen life, Depp has dated several female celebrities off-screen including failed engagements to Jennifer Grey, Winona Ryder and Kate Moss. He was married to Lori Anderson in 1983 but then divorced in 1985. Currently Depp is living with French singer/actress Vanessa Paradis, with whom he has two children: Lily-Rose Melody born in 1999 and Jack born in 2002.

Johnny Depp is perhaps one of the few most versatile actors of this day and age in Hollywood, who has recuperated his image greatly since his portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow in the acclaimed Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003), with a supporting cast of Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightly and Geoffrey Rush.

Though highly successful now, Depp's early life, strangely, was as a rebel, and he took to vandalism and narcotics. He dropped out of school when he was 15 and he henceforth fronted a series of music garage bands, including The Kids. However, it was when he married Lori Anne Allison that he took up the job of being a ballpoint pen salesman to support himself and his wife. A visit to L.A. with his wife, however, happened to be a blessing in disguise, when he met up with actor, Nicholas Cage, who advised him to turn to acting, which culminated in Depp's film debut in the low budget horror flick, A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), where he plays a teenager who falls prey to dream stalker Freddy Krueger. Three years later, Depp achieved fame as police cop, Tom Hanson, in the series of 21 Jump Street (1987-90), and in 1990, he was firmly established as a leading Hollywood actor with the Tim Burton movie, Edward Scissorhands (1990), where he plays a sad-faced, tragic hero who has scissors for hands.

From then on, Depp was selective of his choice of roles in movies, and he often than not played dark, sinister characters on screen. He played an undercover FBI agent in Donnie Brasco (1997), in which he co-starred with Al Pacino; a druggie in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998); and in two more Tim Burton ventures, Ed Wood (1994) and Sleepy Hollow (1999), and is currently filming for a fourth time for a Tim Burton film, The Corpse Bride (2005), as well as being committed for another Tim Burton production, where he plays Willy Wonka in the upcoming Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005).

During his career, Depp has unfortunately got himself under bad public scrutiny. He was accused of selling drugs at his own club, The Viper Room, in regard to the legendary celebrity, River Phoenix, who died outside the club due to drug overdose in 1993. The following year, Depp was arrested for smashing and trashing a New York suite. And in 1999, he was arrested in London for being in a fight with paparazzis outside a restaurant.

Although he gained popularity since the success of Edward Scissorhands, Depp wasn't hugely famous for many years until his portrayal of the suave, charming Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl in 2003. With the film's enormous success, it has opened several doors for Johnny Depp's career. He appeared as the villain in the Stephen King based movie, Secret Window (2004); as the kind-hearted novelist James Barrie in the factually-based Finding Neverland (2004), where he co-starred with Kate Winslet, and most recently as Rochester in the British film, The Libertine (2004).

Mar. 17th, 2005

05:31 pm

[ Mar.17.2005 } ~ well terrible it was a day for being gay as i see cannabalism in the science room and what nastyness. other than that i finished off a few presentations for the retired mrs roca never to be found ever again so see yah. The next step was to pick up what ive always wanted. A lot of weed five grams i suppose and i think i might not even get it so psssshhh it better not turn out to be a gay, cuz i hate gay days.

Mar. 16th, 2005

04:11 pm

[ Mar.16.2005 ] ~ well today it was a gay day and i did preety ok on my english essay but the funny thing today was that of the incidents that meant i did an interview with jon about my profession and telling that i am a director/ what ever you want to think of me. And finally for your response yes sarah i mention you now so u happy or what?

Mar. 15th, 2005

07:12 pm

[ Mar.15.2005 ] ~ i did the science test! I am glad at the fact that it was easy and somewhat extremely hard to do but i still did it and had fun but then the anime you have to watch NARUTO it is awesome and jon-ezra has it all, and second i had another test which was match but no sweat i aced that cuz answers were allowed.

Mar. 14th, 2005

07:11 pm

[ Mar.14.2005 ] ~ well the presentation was not complete since i did not want to show my work cuz its too fucking long to present and second i would like to point out that i studied my ass off for the first time in my life for a science test which was a bitch and hard.

Mar. 13th, 2005

07:11 pm

[ Mar.13.2005 ] ~ well as usual i slept and slept becuz it is a sunday isnt it? until the boobinator brang the weed we were all set and ready to get ston*nned and then it happened off a small wesley pipes we got fucking stonned and spent most of our time just munching down on fucking PASTA not pahhhsta its pahstah!

Mar. 12th, 2005

07:11 pm

[ Mar.12.2005 ] ~ all i did today was just sleep until a long period of time so called up to 12:30 wow that sucked. Then the guests came and we celebrated over somkin*ing a blunt and a 2pape and were so f*ucked...thus begun the start of the site

Mar. 11th, 2005

07:10 pm

[ Mar.11.2005 ] ~ Well yesterday was ofcourse a school day and i completed le film of course finally all editing and credits were added. The next step of my day was riding bikes in the cold waiting 30 minutes in a jerk store cuz the dick said he was still making them, and then welll i fell asleep and thought of making this as an idea.

Mar. 10th, 2005

07:10 pm

[ Mar.10.2005 ] ~ I was late for a class and had to sign in and that negro in the front desk gives me a whole assignment or paragraph so called to write out 50 times and that ruined my day. I was thinking of actually doing some editing for the first time and it looked like i learned the whole program in a days work lol.

Mar. 9th, 2005

07:10 pm

[ Mar.09.2005 ] ~ well this day was the day i actually finished off the shooting of this documentary that i started. Then came in the last peice which was a dumb punks episode and full of fun it was cuz sara butt was in it, and a whole cast of characters to put on screen as well.

Mar. 8th, 2005

07:09 pm

[ Mar.08.2005 ] ~ monday was a bad day cuz its the first day back from doing all your freearon stuff available on sundays and saturdays. I had fun at school but the world knows that it is a bad day for planet earth even for the people that dont work in the weekends. Lol still i keep in contact with my daily horoscope.

Mar. 7th, 2005

07:09 pm

[ Mar.07.2005 ] ~ it was a great sunday as usual we had pot and we smoked it but this day was quite different because it was smokin from our very own wesley pipes...( a pipe ) and yes of course me jay and babi and gurp got all high and blitz and st*onn*ed.

Mar. 6th, 2005

07:09 pm

[ Mar.06.2005 ] ~ march 6th 2005 and it was obvious it was the pothead day where we smoked up 2 grams in a blunt and a 2pape which lasted as a 4 hour high and longest in a long time. We spent over $15 dollars on munchies as in chips and shit and we all know that marijuana leads to junkfood and perhaps other drugs ut you would think i would do them and yes i did they were cigarrettes fool.

Mar. 5th, 2005

07:09 pm

[ Mar.05.2005 ] ~ on this particular day it was a friday and thank god it was a friday becuz i was sick and tired of school and this week i actually tried my best to do good things and do actual work in class so thanks for who ever got me into thi and it was proboly the suspension which is shown in my personal space as well and the letter of course.

Mar. 4th, 2005

07:08 pm

[ Mar.04.2005 ] ~ on this day nothing really happened just hoped for the day to be over and still thinkin of that special someone that i recently saw and shit i would like to see her again. This was a thursday the day that you wish is over becuz then comes friay and you might want to wish the next day is over cuz school is really boring.

Mar. 3rd, 2005

07:08 pm

[ Mar.03.2005 ] ~ i did the film well i think i did some of it cuz it was really boring and stuff cuz i need extra features on it.

Mar. 2nd, 2005

07:08 pm

[ Mar.02.2005 ] ~ i came across a day where i actually borowwed the camera from mrs. roca and did some screwing aroung like recording stupid things or things that look good to me and i was actually glad cuz now i can get my film started and under away.

Mar. 1st, 2005

07:07 pm

[ Mar.01.2005 ] ~ well well well my first day back from a weekend of some as i should say and what happned was i got suspended but even as my first day back its the first day i actually tried to do some work in all my classes and actually pay attention to the teachers for once. Im a nerd today weather i like it or not i am so pshhhhhh

Feb. 28th, 2005

07:07 pm

[ Feb.28.2005 ] ~ i got so high today at sauns house who is a friend of robs and his house is right beside the miller house we own. His chronic is so good i want somemore soon enough. Then the same day me babi tinh gurp and jay got high from are own shit and high once more so the whole day we were all fucked and sto*nned.

Feb. 27th, 2005

07:07 pm

[ Feb.27.2005 ] ~ it was a chillin day and fucked evryone up in cards and made tinh cry what a wonderful day and also we smoked up so much becuz again it is sunday dudes so what the fuck just get sto*nned all the time

Feb. 26th, 2005

07:06 pm


Well it first of all started by me, my dad and brother went into a $45 taxi drive, all the way to missisauga, ontario. $45 to 2360 Lucknow drive past the airport. We went in and there for a minute a glimpse of something.

I saw this girl and she looked at me the minute i came in. I went to the bathroom not knowing that she was the one. After we took are seats, she sat right across from eme. In a far away table. Wow it was amazing. I looked at her so many times and she had her times obviously she couldnt get caught for looking at a guy, so she kept it in secret and just looking at me a couple of times.

Then there was this time where she was looking at me, and then i looked, and we had pure eye contact for atleast a good 7-10 seconds. It was so fucking great. Then came th end where she was so hot walked by me to go to the washroom. Then she walked by me again knowing that i would stare. She left. Fuck my only chance to get her was fucked.

She could be living in missisauga or brampton by any chance. Fuck she was so hot. I messed up big time. No picture. No nothing. And the worst was no name. I dont even know who she is. Fuck now its up to faith to decide if i will ever see her again. Cause i want to so badly. Thank you premium banquet hall, you did me well.

07:06 pm

[ Feb.26.2005 ] ~ my only chance to score with this perfect indian girl and i screw up becuz i have no guts to say anything to her and she was so fucking perfect but the whole story is in the red more link beside so read away

Feb. 25th, 2005

07:06 pm

[ Feb.25.2005 ] ~ where do i start lester comes home on a day where i am suspended and brings home a bundle of $2 dollar joints what a cool guy so he spots me some fr our up coming show to go to tommorrow and shit son i also got high on that day with free weed.

Feb. 24th, 2005

07:05 pm

[ Feb.24.2005 ] ~ thank goodness i called her a retard and im glad also i had to still stay home the whole day cuz im still suspended cuz of that bitch and me and phil went down to queen today and saw alot of things like a gen-x and shit also a few people we encountered.

Feb. 23rd, 2005

07:05 pm

[ Feb.23.2005 ] ~ I got suspended from school today what a bitch cuz i called mrs. dimitriadis a reatard and she tatiltailed on me so now i stay home cuz im suspended from school for 3 days and then a cop takes down are info with me and chris and jay standind at the outhside of the school what a bitch cop

Feb. 22nd, 2005

07:05 pm

[ Feb.22.2005 ] ~ ill live with the fact that yes the dumbpunks meeting was settled and under away becuz it is the first and yes i had to sit and listen and thats what you do at a meeting. But the rest of my day was just schhol school school and the usual boring shit so what illl live with it.

Feb. 21st, 2005

07:04 pm

[ Feb.21.2005 ] ~ i got an appointment set up becuz of the stupid fucking art teacher again and i hate her guts so much. She fucking licks me out every fucking time and next time it will be the last i say to myself cuz i hate her fucking guts and i would like to kill her.

Feb. 20th, 2005

07:04 pm

[ Feb.20.2005 ] ~ shes sorry my ass you just said you dont want to talk to me anymore well then fucj you too bitch cuz now i will start the hating treatment. Fucking bitch tells me she doesnt want to talk to me anymore becuz she made me feel like shit and not excepting the rose.

Feb. 19th, 2005

07:03 pm

[ Feb.19.2005 ] ~ well first of all this day i did alot of pot lets say around 4 grams of it and i got so fucking sto*nned and i still went under construction of my site becuz i wanted to man.

Feb. 18th, 2005

07:02 pm

[ Feb.18.2005 ] ~ Van is a dealer he smoked us up in a hot-boxed showered bathroom and we got so fucked becuz it was good weed im universal and commercial bitch then i started the construction of my site.

Feb. 17th, 2005

07:02 pm

[ Feb.17.2005 ] ~ Ming you aint asian ...nigger have you heard of tiger wood bitch, and yes van wilder has and always works whenever you watch it as long as you dont watch it in a long time and of course kal penns best movies ever what a foriegner from banglapore, india.

Feb. 16th, 2005

07:01 pm

[ Feb.16.2005 ] ~ THE GODFATHER dvd set is all mines and so is the new razor slash buzzer becuz now my hair is finally trimmed and ready to go biotches so watch out cuz if you want the godfather dvd set then buy it for $20 from me.

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