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(par-winn-dehr gaa-gh)

22 September
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I have long hair that is black and orangish. I like to play Hockey when i am not lazy and i love to watch movies...that is the bestest ones. I like to listen to music all the music i can handle that is of course since i have over 1000 albums on my list. I dont like to go to Bloor CI because it is school and i hate school. My most favorite thing to do is keep a look out for a certain someone if you know what i mean, and then again falls movies Troy and Return of the King which intrigue me in all ways but also there is chilling with friends and doing bad stuff which includes all the bad stuff people talk about.

"I never showed a girl my vagina"~Moukhron Match
"The answer to why is why not"
"never judge a book by its cover"
"and take risks even if you thing there bad"
~Ummm ming u aint asian.....
= have u heard of tiger woods bitch